Bridge Trusses (Large) (4 pieces)

Large Wooden Bridge TrussFollowing the success of our Medieval Wooden Footbridge Trusses, we were asked if we could make a larger version, for a bridge that a wagon could cross... so we have... and here they are.

This pack contains 4 pieces (the image to the right shows just one) which is enough to make 2 bridge trusses (2 pieces are glued back to back to make each truss). How many trusses you need will depends on the desired length of your bridge.

Please note that these trusses are intended to be used in pretty much the same way as our smaller trusses... so please refer to our article on How to Make a Medieval Wooden Bridge and adjust your dimensions accordingly.

Important dimensions to note are that these large trusses will accommodate a 62mm wide walkway; wide enough for most wagons. If you'd prefer something smaller (for a footbridge), see our Small Medieval Bridge Trusses. The height of the legs (from the waterline to the bottom of the cross members, is 35mm (but you could cut them down), and the posts for the side rails are 25mm tall (but again, you could cut them down).

Note that you could also use these trusses to make a narrower bridge by cutting a segment out of the horizontal member. Should you want to do this we suggest you cut it from one side of each piece prior to assembly, rather than in the middle, such that you have a lap joint when you glue the pieces back to back to make the trusses.

Price: £1.521.521.52

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