Hexagon Base - 3"

3This item was designed in collaboration with Trevor Brown who used them to make flying bases for his Aeronef™ wargaming models. These should also suit any aircraft or spaceship model. They are laser cut from 3mm clear acrylic a.k.a. Perspex, and have an arrow cut-out to indicate the model's direction of travel.

Please note:

  1. The stated dimension is between opposing flat edges (see image right) and NOT from corner to corner.

  2. They are supplied with peel off protective plastic on both faces. Because this is in place when the acrylic is cut, it leaves a slight burr on the edges. This is very easy to remove by placing a piece of FINE grit sandpaper (Trevor used 600 grit emery paper) on a flat surface and drawing each edge LIGHTLY across the paper (a couple of inches is plenty).

  3. Hexagon Bases In UseThe centres are NOT marked or drilled, however it's easy to find the centre of a hexagon by placing a ruler between opposite corners. Trevor glued machine screws to the centres of his and used telescopic TV ariels (2 for a pound from Poundland) for the uprights. He also added metal washers (to add extra weight to the bases), and lengths of clear tube into which he inserted labels. These additional items are NOT included; all we're selling here is the acrylic hexagons.

  4. Finally, please note that we do not usually hold a stock of these items and cut them to order. This can take up to two weeks as we first need to obtain the necessary raw material.

Price: £0.870.870.87

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