Waterwheel Kit

Water Wheel with Hirst Arts buildingThis kit of laser cut MDF and clear acrylic components can be used to create a waterwheel similar to the one in the image to the right.

The image shows the waterwheel in use with a building made using Hirst Arts blocks, cast using their Dragon's Inn mould.

The wheel is approximately 3" in diameter but has the bottom section (the part that would be under the water), trimmed off. Thus it is 2-7/16" high and, as shown in the image, will fit neatly under the overhang of a half-timbered building with a ground floor constructed from 5 courses of Hirst Arts blocks.

Check out our Waterwheel Assembly Instructions to see how this kit goes together, and for a picture of all the parts included in the kit.

Price: £5.405.405.40

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