On this page we will be listing a variety of items that do not fit into other categories.

Please note that if you want more than we have in stock, this is not a problem; however it could take up to a fortnight (if we have to obtain more materials) to supply them. If your order is time critical, please contact us first.

Available Items

TRUSS-01 Bridge Trusses (Small) (2 pk) 6 in Stock £0.960.960.96 [ADD]
RAILING-01 Jan's Ballustrade 1 in Stock £0.740.740.74 [ADD]
LADDER-01 Ladder - 110mm 26 in Stock £0.460.460.46 [ADD]
OILDRUM Oil Drum Kit (New Design) 4 in Stock £0.750.750.75 [ADD]
OILDRUMRACK Oil Drum Rack Kit 2 in Stock £0.450.450.45 [ADD]
ROWINGBOAT Rowing Boat Kit 3 in Stock £ [ADD]
CROSS-01 Russian Orthodox Cross 13 in Stock £ [ADD]
COGS-01 Steampunk Cogs Set 2 in Stock £4.424.424.42 [ADD]
WATERWHEEL Waterwheel Kit 5 in Stock £5.405.405.40 [ADD]
SKULLS White Metal Skulls (12) 9 in Stock £2.852.852.85 [ADD]

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