Figure Bases

Here we have a selection of laser cut acrylic figure bases that have been designed and cut in collaboration with our customers. We can easily cut other shapes and sizes so please contact us if you would like something else.

Please note that if you order items that are out of stock, or more of something than we have, we will cut them for you, but this will delay the dispatch of your order by a few days.

Hexagonal Bases

These hexagonal bases were designed in collaboration with Trevor Brown who used them to make flying bases for his Aeronef™ wargaming models. See the individual product details (by clicking the images) to see how he used them.

BA3-H3 Hexagon Base - 3" 6 in Stock £0.870.870.87 [ADD]
BA3-H4 Hexagon Base - 4" 1 in Stock £ [ADD]

Eldar Style Figure Bases

These bases were designed by Lloyd Courtney for use with his Games Workshop™ Eldar figures.

2mm Thick Clear Figure Bases

BA2-C25 2mm Clear Figure Base - 25mm Round 41 in Stock £ [ADD]
BA2-C30 2mm Clear Figure Base - 30mm Round 10 in Stock £ [ADD]
BA2-C43 2mm Clear Figure Base - 43mm Round 1 in Stock £ [ADD]
BA2-S20 Clear Figure Base - 20mm Square 43 in Stock £ [ADD]
BA2-S40 Clear Figure Base - 40mm Square 12 in Stock £ [ADD]

3mm Thick Clear Figure Bases

BA3-C25 Clear Figure Base - 25mm Round 91 in Stock £ [ADD]
BA3-C40 Clear Figure Base - 40mm Round 35 in Stock £ [ADD]
BA3-C60 Clear Figure Base - 60mm Round 3 in Stock £0.460.460.46 [ADD]

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