Painting White Metal Skulls

These white metal skulls are supplied attached to a sprue... and it's best to leave them attached while you paint them; they're very fiddly if you take them off. In fact if you do happen to break one off accidentally, we recommend that you glue it to a bit of wire or a cocktail stick, using a dot of superglue.

Of course when you do eventually remove the skulls from the sprue, there will be a little spot that's unpainted... but this is easily touched up.

White Metal Skulls

Okay, so, on with the actual painting:

Painted White Metal Skulls

The image above shows a set that we painted. There's more than one way to so it but here's what we did:

  1. After scraping/filing away any mould lines we applied a wash of black ink; to get in all then nooks and crannies.

  2. Next we drybrushed the skulls with white acrylic paint.

  3. Finally we applied a wash of diluted flesh coloured ink.

Be sure to let them dry thoroughly at each stage and use good quality paint, made for figure painting (we particularly like the Vallejo Game Color paints).

When the skulls are removed from the sprue it's easy to touch up the mark this leaves with a little white paint and a bit more flesh wash.

Bend the sprue for easier accessThe image to the right illustrates a suggestion from a customer (thanks Alan), who suggested that bending the sprue into a circle (best done with long nose pliers so you don't snap any skulls off) gives better access for cleanup and painting.

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