Oil Drums

This article explains how to assemble our [product=oildrum|oil drum kit].

The image below shows the parts included in the kit. The main component is a 15mm (diameter) copper pipe fitting which we recommend that you wash prior to assembly, to removed any residue that might cause problems when painting.

Oil Drum Kit Components

Begin by slotting the two rectangular pieces of MDF together as shown in the image below left. They're a fairly loose fit and you don't need to glue them. Their purpose is to hold the ends of the barrel in place.

Slide this assembly into the copper pipe fitting. It should be quite loose. Don't glue it.

Oil Drum Assembly - Step 1 Adjusting the postition of the internal

You're now ready to insert the ends of the drum. Note that some of the pipe fittings have numbers and such embossed on them... so you might prefer to orient the ends such that these markings are the right way up.

Also note that the end pieces have one face that is slightly shinier than the other. Insert them with the shiny face on the outside to get a better paint finish.

The end pieces are quite a snug fit and once they are in place you can adjust their position within the pipe fitting by pushing between finger and thumb as shown in the image above right. The image below shows a completed drum and as you can see, the ends should be just inside the pipe fitting, thus creating a lip around the edge. Aim to get an even lip on both ends.

When you're happy with the position of the internal components, apply a couple of dots of superglue to the seams and use a cocktail stick to draw it around. Then set it aside to dry.

A completed oil drum.The image to the right shows a completed open drum, ready for painting. Note that we made sure that the hole in the end was positioned such that you can't see any of the internal structure.

If you want your drum capped, use a dot of superglue to stick the cap (the tiny circle - see components image at the top of this page) over the hole in the end of the drum.

The image below shows a number of drums that have been stacked using our [product=oildrumrack|oil drum rack kits]. We sprayed our drums with Citadel™ white primer before painting with Bad Moon Yellow and washing with yellow ink.

The last step was to cut out the labels and apply them with a dot of superglue.

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