Things You Should Know About Our Laser Cut MDF Parts

Many of the products listed on our site are laser cut from thin MDF. Here are a few things that you should be aware of:

Parts have a top and bottom surface.

There are two reasons for this.

The first is that on the raw material, one side is smoother than the other. We usually have this as the top surface because it takes paint better.

The second is that laser cut edges are not completely perpendicular to the surface. This is because the laser beam acts on the top surface for longer than on the bottom, resulting in a wider cut at the top. We're talking fractions of a second and fractions of a mm... but the effect is there.

So: always examine the parts before use and observe which is the top and bottom surface.

Parts May Have Marks

The next thing to be aware of is that when we cut parts we have two options: we can either incorporate tabs onto the design such that the part is held into the "framework" or waste materials. Or we can omit the tabs and allow it to fall free.

If we've used tabs, there will be small marks on the edges where we've cut them free from the waste.

If we've let them fall then there may be burn marks on the surface if the part has fallen beneath another part that is being cut.

Which method we use varies according to whether we regard the edge or the surface as being the more important.

Dark Dark Edges

Laser cut MDF have dark edges and you may find this discolours the first coat of paint that you apply. This will seal them and subsequent coats will be fine.

There may also be be slight marks on the faces of the parts, from the wisps of vapour generated when the parts are cut. The same tactic as with the cut edges should be used.

Availability of Parts

We tend to cut parts in batches so the number shown as in stock is often quite low. So please don't let this deter you from ordering: we'll cut what you need.

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