Notes About Our Acrylic Bases

Things that you need to be aware of:

  1. Bases are usually supplied with a protective film on BOTH sides of the base, which needs to be removed.

  2. 3mm Clear Acrylic Figure BasesBecause of the way they are cut they have a slight burr at the 'corners' i.e. where surfaces meet the cut edges. They may even have a little roughness. This does not detract from their appearance but you can feel that it's there. Should you wish to remove it this can be easily done with fine abrasive paper, without detracting from the appearance of the base. In the image to the right, the figure on the left stands on a base with a burr while the figure on the right stands on a base that has had the burr sanded away. As you can see: there's no visible difference.

  3. Superglue has a tendency to mist clear plastic as it dries so be sure to use the tiniest amount when attaching your figures.

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