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[product=skulls|A model by Andy Slater using our white metal skulls.]Andy Slater here. Yes, the same guy who owns TerraGenesis, the world famous (well, amongst terrain modellers), community and archives for those who like to build wargames terrain, dioramas, railway layouts, etc.

If you've seen any of my models on TerraGenesis then you'll probably be aware that I use some pretty advanced techniques including casting, laser cutting and CNC milling, to make components for my models. I use this site to make some of those components available to my fellow model makers.

Of course people have asked me, and continue to ask, if I can make X, Y or Z, for them; and sometimes: I do. I charge those people for materials and time taken to make what they want but not for the time taken to iron any kinks out of their idea, program machines, create masters and moulds, etc., on the understanding that I can then offer the item to others.

So, if you have an idea for something you'd like, feel free to get in touch using our contact form.

Tree of Skulls

The image on this page shows a model tree that I made using twisted wire, coated with epoxy putty prior to painting. The [product=skulls|white metal skulls] used on the model are an item that I sculpted and had cast and are available for sale on this site (click the link). The barbed wire was made from thin strands of copper electrical wire.

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Laser cut and white metal parts for model terrain makers...